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If you live in San Francisco/Bay Area (California) then you must visit the Color Factory. The Color Factory is a Pop-Up experience located downtown San Francisco. It is setup by a group of artists who use color and a variety of materials to create an interactive exhibition. It is an experience that will stimulate all your senses and is fun for all. Especially for children.

So step inside to see a fun way that you can stimulate all your senses…

You start your sensory experience by awakening your olfactory (smell) sense through a scratch and sniff wall. I won’t give too much away but let’s just say it’s not your usual smells! Once you’re done sniffing, wake up your taste buds with a delicious sweet treat.

Targeted Senses:Olfactory (smell) & Gustatory (taste) senses
Color Factory: Sniff & scratch room

When you open your first door, the black and white colors quickly jump out at you. As your visual sense gets stimulated you also get to taste and enjoy a black charcoal lemonade… Unusual but actually quite delicious.

Targeted Senses:Gustatory (taste) & Vision senses
Black & white room

Your vision sense keeps being stimulated as each room is filled with colors. First is a fun orange room filled with lots of different objects of various textures and shapes to explore.

Targeted Senses:Vision & Tactile (touch) senses
Color Factory: Orange room

Then comes the blue room filled with balloons of various sizes.

Targeted Senses:Vision & Tactile (touch) senses
Color Factory: Blue room

Missing the disco days? No problem, this fun room is filled with shining disco balls. My little ones enjoyed dancing and chasing the shining lights on the floor.

Targeted Senses:Vision & Auditory senses
Color Factory: Disco room

What about this giant reproduction of the Lite Brite game. Not only are the bricks heavy, stimulating the proprioceptive sense, but they also light up in different colors, stimulating the visual sense. They can be pulled out and arranged any way you want.

Targeted Senses:Vision & Proprioceptive senses
Color Factory: Lite Brite room

One of my favorites!!! The green room. Get a hold of this heavy marker and get coloring!! Also a great way to stimulate the proprioceptive sense through the heavy work of lifting and manipulating this giant marker.

Targeted Senses:Vision & Proprioceptive senses
Color Factory: Green room

This was one of my older son’s favorites. A space with 10,000 colored ribbons suspended from the ceiling. Such a fun tactile experience.

Targeted Senses:Vision & Tactile senses
Ribbon room

Next comes a ‘selfie’ room. Who knew that a room filled with pictures of strangers could be so much fun.

Targeted Senses:Vision & Tactile (touch) senses
Selfie room

The confetti room is also very entertaining. You could lose yourself in the colors of the rainbows. The tactile and vestibular senses  are used as you throw, lie and jump around in it.

Targeted Senses:Vision, Tactile & Vestibular senses
Confeti room

Then comes the grand finale. A giant yellow ball pit. I think this was by far everyone’s favorite. Jump, swim, dive under as you stimulate your tactile, proprioceptive and vestibular senses. It was hard to get out as you just can’t get enough.

To finish off you get cooled off with a refreshing ice cream cone.

Targeted Senses: Vision, Tactile, Proprioceptive, Vestibular & Gustatory (taste) senses
Yellow Ball pit

A true sensory experience!!

For more information on Color Factory check out their website http://www.colorfactory.co/

A short YouTube for you to enjoy the Color Factory

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If you had a chance to experience the fun at the Color Factory let me know about your experience in the comments below.

~ Urszula


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