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A pediatric occupational therapist, parent educator and a mom to two young boys. I am passionate about helping parents raise happy and successful children. If you let me join you on your parenting journey I will help you feel confident, supported and inspired.

Urszula Semerda with her 2nd child Zach

Principles to raising happy & confident kids

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Cecile's Sensory Lifestyle Testimonial

I was lucky enough to hear Urszula give a talk at my daughter’s preschool about sensory play and was blown away by how much I learned. I have been following her facebook page and website for years since. Urszula shares a wealth of information about the child’s sensory development and provides super fun activities on her website to try with the kids. I refer all my newly expecting friends to SensoryLifestyle.com!

Cecile, Mother of 2,
Kim's Sensory Lifestyle Testimonial

I have a preemie.  He was born at 28 weeks. Because of his early birth, we were referred to an occupational therapist. I cannot tell you how reassuring and helpful it has been to have qualified professionals help us through this process.  The author of this blog is an occupational therapist. She's also a mom. The entire website is like having an OT in your pocket. Not only do you have awesome ideas for play and growth, but also valuable information on physical and mental development!!!  As a mother, it's empowering to have the tools to help your child move through their childhood and learn the things that are necessary while also having fun.  Great blog!

Kim, Mother of 2
Nazgol's Sensory Lifestyle Testimonial

I first found sensory lifestyle when my first baby was six months old. I now have three kids (ages 4, 2 & 3 months). We often use this site to come up with fun and easy ways to implement activities. I love knowing exactly which skills my kids are working on a while playing!! I have also used sensory lifestyle consulting services. I received practical tools and advice to help my two year old through her picky eating and my four year old with his big feelings/behaviors.

Nazgol, Mother of 3

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My Child Loves to Hang Upside Down

My Child Loves to Hang Upside Down

Does you child loves to hand upside down or frequently looks for opportunities to put their head down? Do they hang their head down the side of the couch, or when they are sitting in their seat? Maybe even when they are just playing around, then just drop their head down while standing? Well, if […]

Why Your Child Falls Out Of Chairs

Why Your Child Falls Out Of Chairs

Have you ever wondered why your child falls out of their chairs? Well, there could be number of reasons. These may include: Decreased body awareness Decreased awareness of body in space Poor muscle tone Retained primitive reflexes Seeking out heavy input Most of the above reasons relate to how the child processes their sensory information. […]

A Guide to a Functional Pencil Grasp

A Guide to a Functional Pencil Grasp

Teaching your child how to have a functional pencil grasp. Having a functional pencil grasp supports your child’s writing. A functional pencil grasp allows the pencil to be moved with ease which supports neater letter formation and improves your child’s writing speed. What is a functional pencil grasp? A functional grasp doesn’t need to be […]

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