How to create a Sensory Lifestyle for your child

Me with my son Josh Semerda

Urszula is an Occupational Therapist with experience from Sydney (Australia), Silicon Valley (California, USA) and Colorado (USA). In Colorado Urszula worked at STAR Center with the prominent Dr Lucy Jane Miller, Ph.D., OTR/L. Urszula is also the Editor of this Sensory Lifestyle website, a blog with a goal of helping your child start on the right foot.

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About Urszula Semerda (Bakonska) Sensory Play: 0 to 1 month
About Urszula Semerda (OT)

Hi there! I am Urszula Semerda, a Pediatric (Pediatric) Occupational Therapist (OT) as well as a mother of a gorgeous toddler. Read more

Newborn 10 sensory activities

New parent? the 1st month can become a bit of a haze. Taking on the role of a parent takes time. Here are few things.. Read more

Josh eating a Tomato from family garden How to: Tummy time
Why is this important?

Higher level cognitive activities like reading, writing and play are a result of a well integrated sensory system. The sooner you.. Read more

How to: Newborn Tummy time

How to Tummy time. Why? It helps to build coordination and strengthens your baby’s neck, shoulders, arms and trunk. Read more

Read more about Sensory Activities and explore the list of Recommended Sensory Resources like books, videos etc..

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