Color Factory Review; San Francisco

Color Factory building in full color in San Francisco

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A Pop-Up Experience in San Francisco. This two-story interactive exhibition celebrates color and material, featuring work by some of our favorite artists and collaborators: Jacob Dahlgren, Tom Stayte, Geronimo Balloons, Tosha Stimage, Stanton Jones, Andrew Neyer & Andy J. Miller, Carissa Potter, Jessica Hische, Rebecca Wright, Randi Brookman Harris, Leah Rosenberg and Erin Jang.

Lose yourself in 10,000 colored ribbons, sink into a giant yellow ball pit, catch some rainbows, smell colorful memories, and taste a spectrum of treats from our favorite stops in San Francisco. The pinks will delight you, the blues will amaze you, the yellows might make you hungry.

Put on your favorite hue and come to us for color!

For a full review check out my ‘Color Factory’ post.

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